SIGIL: A wisp of flame in gold, imposed on a red background.

REGION: The Anse Plains
CLIMATE: Temperate

LEADERSHIP: Emperor Arsenio
FOUNDED: 11, Second Age (360 years old)
FACTIONS: The Cinderfell Empire, The Emberguard, The Cartographer’s Guild

SIZE: Large City

The capital of Cinderfell and center of the free world, this bustling city is filled to the brim with citizens trying to make their way in the Imperial lands. Life moves at a breakneck pace here, and many who relocate to Utica often find themselves unable to keep up. Chaos and bustle aside, though, the fact remains that the center of Cinderfell remains home to some of the most impressive people, works and deeds the Empire has ever known.

History tells that, in the first days of the Third Age, Lady Phoenix came to Utica. She told the people there that their King had just given away his mortal life so that they may all continue to live theirs. The people of Utica were proud to have lived and served under such a noble man, but were sad to hear of their leader’s demise, and were unsure what should be done without him. Ravenwatch (the King’s former bodyguard), with the help of Lady Phoenix, chose from among the best and brightest of Utica’s ruling council to replace the King as Emperor of this new age—a noble and wise man by the name of Valentine. The Emperor’s domain became known as Cinderfell, and Ravenwatch became the Emberguard. As the Emperor’s influence spread, so too did the prosperity of his people. Today, nearly all of Vulcanica enjoys the protection of the Emperor and the wealth and happiness he brings, though many are beginning to doubt the legitimacy of the Valentine’s rulership…

Utica is home to Cinderfell, both its birthplace and its capital, and is occasionally referred to as the “Imperial Land.” The Imperial Palace is here, and Emperor Valentine spends about seven or eight months of each year running Cinderfell from within its walls. Most government officials (save the regional-specific ones, like governors and sheriffs) live and work in Utica, and many people (rightly) consider the city to be the “brain” of the Empire.

The pursuit of perfection is a common trait among many from Utica, and it is reflected in the art and architecture of the city. The buildings here make even the Ivory Tower look unimpressive, and even day-to-day facets of the city are masterfully made, right down to the intricate and beautiful mosaic that is every step of cobblestone road. Similarly, science and knowledge are likewise held in very high esteem here, and Utica’s most brilliant minds have consistently led the world in inventions and innovations alike for the past several decades.

Although trade and commerce are a big part of daily life in Utica, the Emperor has expressly forbid the Guild of Deals from maintaining a presence in the city. This is a recent development, having occurred in just the last five years, and many speculate it is due to the growing suspicion that the Guild is plotting a coup for the throne. Truth or fiction, however, everyone in Cinderfell knows that the Guild and the Emperor have had increasingly poor relations for many years now, and they have constantly been battling with one another for supremacy for more than a decade.

Fashion and society plays a large role in the daily life of Utica, much like the “high life” of Ibygya. Though unlike in the Jewel of the West, the motives of the wealthy are often to garner the Emperor’s attention or favor, and stylish clothing and fancy parties are but one tool among many for such a purpose. Court intrigue is a regularity here, and jealous rivalries among the wealthy of Utica are about as common as sand on a beach.

A character from Utica or the surrounding area…

  • …is used to the hustle-and-bustle of the capital city, and may find themselves bored or “overachieving” in other parts of the world.
  • …might have at least passing experience with the court intrigue of the noble families, and may have even been involved or grown up in it.
  • …may have a particularly artistic or scientific streak, though it is probably due less to talent, and more to a rigorous childhood education.
  • …likely has expensive taste, and prefers fashionable clothing, food, and activities to the more pragmatic side of things.


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