Regions of Vulcanica

Languages of Vulcanica

Vulcanica has many languages in it, many distinctly different from each other. Characters can, over time, become fluent in many of these, though it requires magic to be a true omniglot. At character creation, a character may be fluent in up to two languages of the character’s choice. Upon reaching Paragon tier, and again at Epic tier, the character may select one additional language to gain fluency in.

If a character is fluent in a language, they may attempt to communicate with someone who speaks a language from the same family. Doing so requires an Intelligence check, and the character may add a +2 bonus for each additional language they speak from that family. Your degree of success depends on the result of your check.

10 or less No communication possible
11-16 You can understand them (simple concepts only), but they can’t understand you
17-23 Both of you can understand each other, but you can each only convey simple concepts
24 or more You are effectively speaking the same language for the duration of this conversation

Families are in bold. Regional and cultural dialects are in italics, where present. Though they may present the occasional communicative difficulty, dialects do not warrant their own mechanical category—they are there merely for roleplaying reasons.

  • Human Family
    • Kalahari Tradic, Lowland
    • Estanic (“Cinderfell Common”) Heartland, Imperial, Lowland1, Westwater
    • Kalashtar
    • Nubian Auroran, Nomad
  • Dwarven Family
    • Burz (“Orcish”)
    • Dawi (“Dwarven”) Mountain, Tuari2
    • Duergar (“Deep Dwarven”)
  • Draconic Family
    • Arkhosian Old Arkhosian3, Haven
    • Dracul (“Draconic”)
  • Elven Family
    • Asur (“Elven”)4
    • Druchii (“Drow”)
  • Extramortal Family
    • Turathi (“Tiefling”) High Turathi, Guttertongue5
    • Primordial
    • Supernal
    • The Words of Creation NOTE: This language cannot be learned by mortals. Simply reading one word, let alone speaking or understanding it, would instantly annihilate any mortal creature.
  • Fae Family
    • Eladrin Valirauran, City Fae
    • Genasi
  • Minotaur Family
    • Asterion (“Minotaur”)
    • Ibixian6
    • Goliath

1 Often incorrectly referred to as “Nubian Estanic.” In reality, most Estanic speakers in Kalahari have no allegiance to Aurora; conversely, almost none in Aurora speak Estanic.

2 Also sometimes known as “Niflheimish” or more simply “Heimish.”

3 Almost completely non-existent as a dialect, remains only in scholarly circles.

4 Known to most in Cinderfell as “High Elf,” which contrasts with Druchii and paints the Drow as the “Dark Elves” or “Low Elves.” Understandably, the social implications of this are pretty devastating.

5 Also occasionally referred to as “Mumblespeak,” though this is inexplicably considered more derogatory.

6 Though technically a dialect of Asterion, the Ibixian language is distinctly different enough that anyone speaking Asterion will struggle greatly with understanding it.


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