AryaHengeyokai Rogue

  • Honor: Honor Among Thieves (except stealing)
  • Faith: Loyalty to the Emperor
  • Virtue: Heritage
  • Vice: The Guild
  • Disadvantage: Habitual Thievery

CerlissaTiefling Warlock

  • Honor: Teamwork
  • Faith: Cinderfell
  • Virtue: New Turath
  • Vice: Cutting
  • Disadvantage: Cursed Lineage

Grakas SilverclawDragonborn Warlord

  • Honor: Standing up for the people
  • Faith: Following the Cinderfell ideal
  • Virtue: Younger brother
  • Vice: Sons of Arkhosia
  • Disadvantage: Bound by Honor

GwindGenasi Druid

  • Honor: Protect the earth and all of its creations
  • Faith: The Path of the Martyrs
  • Virtue: I want to remember who I am
  • Vice: Forgetting my past life
  • Disadvantage: Amnesia

VicorinHalf-Orc Fighter

  • Honor: Brothers in arms
  • Faith: The Martyrs
  • Virtue: Heritage
  • Vice: Anger
  • Disadvantage: Tactless


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