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11/28/2012 11:30pm

Let’s make that another +2, feel free to thank Heather for that one. You guys are really rollin’.

11/25/2012 7:00pm

Woo what a few weeks it’s been. We’ve got some great stories up from Sarai, Heather, and even Theo (gasp!). +8 Ember Tokens in all, great work guys. I’ll also be working on getting up another story sometime before the next session, and I’m taking suggestions as to what it will be about.

I’d also like to apologize for the skipped session, but we’ll make it up next week—I promise.

11/6/2012 4:30pm – ELECTION NIGHT

Woo! Yeah! I hope the [preferred party]s do well tonight! Frankly, though, I only voted on [important local referendum] and [contemporary hot-button proposition]. Between you and me, I’m not a big fan of [less-attractive candidate]. I find their [foreign policy/economic plan/stance on social issues/favorite flavor of ice cream] hard to buy.

Sarai put up another great journal post (+1 Ember Token), and by the time you read this, there should be a new short story up as well.

11/4/2012 10:00pm

Alright, got a few items up (which you guys recently acquired), as well as a silly gag page, Soundtrack. I will try to have a short story up in the next couple of days, and have the Battle and Combat rules finalized by next session.

10/14/2012 2:00am

Haha holy shit. Read Sarai’s newest story, it’s better than anything I’ve ever written. +2 Ember Tokens and the most epic Internet High-Five I can give.

EDIT 10/17: Also, Jarl now has a bangin’ backstory. +2 Ember Tokens.

9/28/2012 10:00am

Sarai wrote an excellent short story, which has not only earned the team two more Ember Tokens, but will also be taking the place of our intercalary chapter this week (it’s just that good!).

I’m also going to be proposing a few minor changes to the system this week, so be prepared to talk mechanics for a bit before we start. Remember that we’re starting at 5pm this week.

9/10/2012 7:00am

I know it’s been a while since we had an update (a month!), but I’m throwing them all in now. Heather wrote an excellent short story that talks about Gwind’s backstory, +2 Ember Tokens for that one. I’m also going to be trying something new and rather ambitious this week. In preparation for what I hope will be a rather important session, I will be writing a series of short stories between now and the next session, each detailing the same few moments in time, but in many different locations. We’ll see if it actually works or not.

8/9/2012 12:00pm

Sarai and Heather have both put up journal entries on the Adventure Log, bringing the Ember Token total up by an additional two! Time to start thinking of something to do with those puppies. I have also put up another short story, which can, as always, be found in the Adventure Log as well.

8/3/2012 11:30am

Lots of updates! Theo has put up Vicorin, and Allie has put up a very interesting journal entry, garnering a total of plus two Ember Tokens for the party! I’ve also finished rounding out the Dawn Patrol with the last two members, so you guys will finally have a full team starting next session.

7/30/2012 10:00pm

Put up another chapter. It’s a long one, but the payoff is worth it. Trust me.

7/24/201/ 5:00pm

Sarai has graced us with yet another excellent adventure log post, earning the party yet another Ember Token. You guys should like buy her a cupcake or something.

7/21/2012 4:30pm

The adventure log has been updated twice, once by me and once by Heather (the latter earning the party +1 Ember Token). I have also put up a number of NPCs, which may or may not be of interest to you. They will not be going on the NPC tracker, because they are all dead. I’ll let you guys figure out the rest.

7/17/2012 11:45pm

Every city, and nearly every faction (that has a page of its own) now has a visual of its heraldry up on its page. It is worth noting that there is a bit of subtle coding present in these: a gold border indicates that the faction or city is considered part of the Cinderfell Empire, at least in an official capacity. Thus, any banner you see without a gold border is representative of a faction that is not part of Cinderfell. Fun educational tool.

7/16/2012 3:15am

I have uploaded a map of Safeport and the immediate surrounding region. Use it, educate yourself.

7/15/2012 11:00am

FINALLY finished the Safeport page, don’t judge me. Also, Heather has put up a page for Gwind, which is now available for your viewing pleasure (+1 Ember Token).

7/13/2012 10:45am

Put visuals of some ALL of the cities’ and factions’ heraldries up on their page. Please check them out, so I don’t feel like I just wasted three LOL FIVE hours. I will say it now, so that no one else can: I am very bad at drawing ship masts. Deal with it.

7/10/2012 9:30pm

Sarai has uploaded yet another excellent log post. +1 Ember Token, and a thousand brownie points.

7/9/2012 11:45pm

Made a few miscellaneous updates and some clean-up, as well as an intercalary short story, which can be found in the Adventure Log. Also please check out the NPC tracker, so you can figure out how all these new NPCs work, and who they are.

7/6/2012 2:30pm

Sarai has updated the Adventure Log for us, and earned an Ember Token in the process. I direct your attention to The Adventure so Far, where I will be maintaining and updating a tracker of all the Adventure Log posts, as they are made.

6/23/2012 11:00am

Sarai has updated Cerlissa’s page, and did an excellent job. +2 Ember Tokens for the party, and be sure to check out her character’s detailed background.

Dawn is breaking! The Dawn Patrol will be launching at 5pm on Friday, June 22nd. Please make sure that you are up-to-date with the House Rules page before then, and if possible, some of the information on the current state of Vulcanica. If you have any questions, or are concerned that you will not be able to attend, please call or text me as soon as possible.

6/20/2012 11:30pm

The Jewel of the West, Ibygya now has its own, fully complete page.

6/19/2012 1:00pm

Tuari and Koth are done. Go make some brawlers!

6/17/2012 9:54am

Cliffport has been finalized, and is ready for your ocular enjoyment.

6/16/2012 11:24am

Utica and Crossing are finalized. No, I don’t sleep any more.

6/16/2012 12:30am

Please check out the Regions page before character creation to learn how languages work. I would have included that information on the House Rules page, but that page is already stupidly large, and I don’t like clutter. I apologize in advance for the obnoxious formatting; I just figured out how footnotes work, and had way too much fun making that happen.

6/13/2012 3:30pm

The House Rules page is now complete! There may still be a few typos on there—and for those, I apologize—but the page is otherwise now 100% ready for your reading!

You may have also noticed that the Experience Tracker is now up at the top of this page. As we play the game, I will update this at the end of each session to reflect where the party is experience-wise, so that any who missed can update their characters for the next session if necessary.

Also, the Westwater and New Turath pages are now complete as well.

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