Skeggox of Soulfire


Origin: The Ironforge (Designed for Cerlissa Grav-Norsca)
Type: Ironforge Weapon
Description: Aside from the extremely obvious craftsmanship that went into this weapon’s creation, it is apparently identical to any similar war-axe of mundane make. However, hidden within the grip are four special indentations that allow the wielder to use their fingertips to heat the metal parts of the weapon without injuring themselves. Additional weight has also been added to the head of the axe, to accommodate the necessities of a mage fighting in extreme close-quarters, otherwise unable to get lots of leverage behind a blow. Aesthetically, the axe tells the story of the Cambion people and their origin myth through detailed etchings that cover the entire weapon.

Non-Combat: The strong Cambion aesthetic serves to remind the wielder of their people’s proud heritage, and the injustices they’ve suffered in order to become the valorous society they are today. If wielded by Cerlissa Grav-Norsca, her MENTAL PRESENCE may be treated as being one higher for purposes of staving off PRESENCE drain as a result of using Demon Magic.

Combat: This weapon can be heated to extreme temperatures that will allow the axe to cut through unarmored flesh with ease. If wielded by Cerlissa Grav-Norsca, she may choose to add one free, additional success to her final result when making any attacks (using the PHYSICAL attribute) with this axe against an unarmored opponent. Only Cerlissa Grav-Norsca can receive this bonus.

Battle: If wielded by Cerlissa Grav-Norsca, she gains a +1 bonus to her SKILL contribution in BATTLE. Only Cerlissa Grav-Norsca can receive this bonus.


Skeggox of Soulfire

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