Scorpion Plate


Origin: The Ironforge (Designed for Vicorin Blackwood)
Type: Ironforge Armor
Description: Designed for a soldier who fights with both sword and shield, this armor is lightly plated on the left side (from hip to bicep) for mobility, but heavily plated on the right side for added protection. A thick gorget around the neck prevents decapitations from the soldier’s front, and a mechanism on the left arm allows for a held shield to be locked in place to prevent dropping or disarming. Also, a small compartment on the right wrist (designed to be opened by the motion of swinging a weapon or delivering a punch) is sized to fit a single scorpion inside.

Non-Combat: If worn by Vicorin Blackwood, the penalty on Physical tests for wearing Heavy Armor is 1 lower than it would be normally for him. Only Vicorin Blackwood can receive this bonus.

Combat: (Coming soon)

Battle: If worn by Vicorin Blackwood, he gains a +1 bonus to his SKILL contribution in BATTLE. Only Vicorin Blackwood can receive this bonus.


Scorpion Plate

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