Vicorin Blackwood

Half-Orc Fighter from Tuari


RACE: Half-Orc
AGE: 24
PROFESSION: Emberguard (The Dawn Patrol)


  • Honor: Brothers in Arms
  • Faith: The Martyrs
  • Virtue: Heritage
  • Vice: Anger

Disadvantage: Proud (Your character is especially proud of themselves, their accomplishments, their lineage, their training, or something along those lines. Work with the DM to determine one or two things that your character would take extreme offense to, were they slandered, and how your character might react. Be careful that it doesn’t cross over into excessive pride, otherwise this might be best represented as the Arrogant disadvantage).

Specialization: Defensive Tactics, At the beginning of each encounter, select one ally within 10 squares of you. Any turn you begin not adjacent to this ally, you immediately shift one square directly towards them as a free action.


Alright, gotten this far…

Vicorin Blackwood

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