A Genasi Earth Elemental


Character Class: Druid
Character Race: Vulcania, EarthSoul
Character Gender: Female
Character Faith: Suli Minerva
Character Career: Dawn Patrol
Languages Known: Estonic and Primordial (Eledrin when Hit Paragon).

Falconer: You gain a +1 bonus on Perception checks made to see something. Additionally, you gain a trained Falcon (Shaye) that is loyal to you. It can:

  • Carry messages to any of the Forts in Cinderfell, as well as Utica (and places it is in for at least 24hrs).
  • Track and kill enemy messenger birds.
  • Capture small game, enough to feed itself and up to two other people per day.

Honor: To Protect nature
Faith: Suli Minerva
Virtue: She wants to know her past
Vice: She is afraid of her Past

Disadvantage: Amnesia


Gwind’s past is a mystery to her, up to when she awake in Valiraura. Out of fear she fled from the Eladrin and Fae, leaving Valiraura behind to never look back. As she traveled, she discovered that she was skilled with Earth magic and was recruited into (unknown)’s cities guard. She was there for five years before she was discovered by the the Emberguard and was taken in for training. After three years of training she became one of the Dawn Patrol.

Up to this point she has avoided her past, but she is slowly begining to want to know who she was. There have been times since she left Valiraura that someone would recognize her, but instead of confronting them, she fled or told them they were mistaken.

Her Forgotten Past
Gwind’s life goes all the way back to the Second Age. She was a part of the shadow war and one of the closest of the Tiefling, Brisalis. She was a part of the Rebelion in Anaroc and stayed by Brisalis’ side when she became the ruler of Anaroc and when she renamed it ‘New Turath’. Soon after the Shadow War was over and the Third Age started she left Brisalis to find her own place in Vulcanica. Her travels led her to Valiraura.
See Below ‘Valiraura’
She lived with them for nearly 80 years and protected the Forest along side them, growing close to the Eledrin. But one day, when trying to protect her new home she was badly injured, falling into a deep coma that she would not recover from. The Eledrin pleaded with the Fae that she deserved another chance and the Fae agreed to give it to her but at a cost. Gwind would remember nothing of her past if they awoke her. The Eledrin agreed that the cost was nothing compared to her life. After a month in her coma she awake to faces she did not recognize and a place she did not know. Before they had a chance to explain, she escaped the room she had been comatose in and fled Valiraura.

Only a few months after leaving New Turath, Gwind was drawn to the forbidden Forest of Valiraura. She stepped inside and almost immediately the Fae Folk were upon her. She gave no fight, dropping to her knees and holding her hands out in submission. They were careful, as they took her prisoner, knowing well what her race was capable of. They brought her through the forest to the council of Elders.
There were three of them, two male and one female, and there was no doubt that all three were Fae Folk. Seated on their knees, the men were on both sides of the women, both broad built, their iridescent ‘tattoos’ coating their skin in a light glow, and pale gray hair pulled back with short gray beards. The woman sat still as Gwind was brought before them. Her long pale blond hair touched the ground, groups of hair were braided into thick multi-braids. She was dressed uniquely compared to the two men, armored in what looked to be dragon scales, covering her chest and forming a skirt, leg armor, and arm armor.
Gwind went down on her knees, bowing to the elders without any order to do so. “Please forgive my intrusion on your forest, Elders.” She spoke with her head still bowed. “The forest called to me, I believe it was calling me home.”
There was silence from the elders, the men exchanging glances.
The woman was the first to speak.
“Shush, Earth Child. We know you are a Vulcania of Valiraura. What we have not decided is if the influences of the outside world have changed you.” She was calm as she spoke, staring directly at Gwind.
The man to her right was the next to speak.
“We need you to prove to us that your soul is still pure.”
To be continued….


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