Cerlissa Grav-Norsca

Tiefling Warlock


Disadvantage: Cursed Lineage
Set-Up: Your character is a direct descendant of someone or a culture that is considered “evil” or “cursed” in modern Cinderfell. Work with the DM to determine exactly what your lineage is, and just what your ancestors did that is so reprehensible. This disadvantage should manifest in some way that is immediately noticable by others, otherwise it would probably best take the form of the Dark Secret disadvantage.
Manifest: Any time your lineage causes you or the party additional difficulty, the party gains at least one Ember Token.

Specialization: Investigator
You gain a +2 bonus on all Insight checks.

Honor: There are specialists in the world, and it is best to trust them in their expertise. That is why the team, and teamwork must be emphasized.
Faith: Following the tenants of Cinderfell, as they were intended, rather than the fleeting rulers of the time or even the letter of the law.
Virtue: New Turath- Physically and politically.
Vice: “Cutting”


Six generations ago, a Tiefling named Therlynn Charoum traveled north into The Spine in search of power, based on a “myth” that after many months surviving the harsh climate, the spirits of the North will reward the wanderer generously. After several seasons of wandering The Spine, Therlynn was near death in a typical wintry storm when a strange goat crossed her path. Hardly believing her luck, Therlynn moved to kill the goat when the strange thing turned and spoke to her. Naming herself Baphomet, the demon goat offered Therlynn the chance to trade for everything she sought.

Therlynn asked first for the goat’s body for food and safe passage from the spine. Baphomet Agreed.

Therlynn asked then for the ability to wield some of Baphomet’s great magic. Baphomet demanded blood for every act of magic, and Agreed.

Last, Therlynn asked for freedom from natural death. Baphomet demanded that the first born daughter of every generation be abandoned to die in The Spine before her time.

Therlynn demanded that the Charoum line be forever blessed with good health and fertility, that there always be a young girl to be sacrificed.

Baphomet Agreed, and marked Therlynn and all her future progeny with goat-slit pupils.

Five generations later, Cerlissa was born in Crossing- the first of the generation. Therlynn allowed her to live happily with her parents for seven years, after which she was spirited away to The Spine and abandoned in the frozen wilderness. Unfortunately for Therlynn, Baphomet was tired of the agreement she had made and led a group of Tieflings from The Cartographer’s Guild to the place Cerlissa had been left. Though cold and distraught, Cerlissa was unharmed and the group of Tieflings brought Cerlissa to New Turath.

Immediately after returning to New Turath, The Cartographer’s Guild sent a message to Crossing, only to find her parents mysteriously vanished. Soon, House Grav decided to adopt Cerlissa, admiring her courage despite her young age. While being popular with many in the House, some were wary of her origins and her strange eyes and denied her full membership. As a constant reminder of this, Cerlissa’s name was changed from Charoum to Grav-Norsca.

When Cerlissa came of age, she was excited to join the local military. Not because of any mistreatment, but because she simply didn’t feel that she truly belonged in her beloved House Grav. Hoping to do better by her adopted family by honoring them in the military, Cerlissa left them with pride and quickly adapted to military life.

On one of her first assignments, Cerlissa was instructed to accompany a group of travelers to Station. The assignment was completed without incident, however a thick storm forced Cerlissa off the road early in the day. This was her first encounter with Baphomet.

At first, Baphomet appeared to be a Tiefling, with large horns adorning her brow and glowing eyes. Soon, Cerlissa realized that this “woman” had no tail and was covered in fur, as well as cloven hooves instead of feet and striking side-slit eyes similar to her own. After silently asking permission to join Cerlissa in her shelter, Baphomet began to speak.
“I must say I’m surprised Therlynn has not found you, yet. It’s not as though you’ve put any effort at all into hiding your whereabouts.”
“Who is Therlynn?” Cerlissa wasn’t sure if she’d ever heard the name before.
“She’s the idiot who killed your parents, of course. You never met her?”
…“Who are you?”
“I’m Baphomet, and I find your situation to be quite a lot of fun. You see, I made an Agreement with Therlynn and I’ve grown tired of it. Care to make an Agreement of our own?”

Warily, Cerlissa listened to what Baphomet had to say about her past, and found that it fit well with what Cerlissa already knew. Unable to see a better alternative, Cerlissa made a comparably small Agreement: the use of Baphomet’s Infernal Pact in exchange for small amounts of Cerlissa’s own blood.

Once the Agreement was made, Baphomet disappeared… as did the storm.

It didn’t take long for the Officers of New Turath to recognize Cerlissa’s great competency in the use of Warlock’s devastating spells, and recommend her to train in Fort Blackfeather. This was not only a great honor for Cerlissa and a boon for House Grav, but an opportunity for her to leave The Spine and the chilling reminders it held.

Cerlissa Grav-Norsca

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