• "Uncle"


    A mysterious messenger, claiming to work for someone with an interest in protecting the Dawn Patrol.
  • Aerhel Firre

    Aerhel Firre

    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, a master archer.
  • Albrek Ironbeard

    Albrek Ironbeard

    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, and Iron Lord Dunbir's eldest son.
  • Ale'a Dren

    Ale'a Dren

    The cunning and manipulative little sister of Vedam and Feraon, and a expert courtier.
  • Alfray of Brokenbone

    Alfray of Brokenbone

    A General of the Emberguard, in charge of training new recruits at Fort Blackfeather
  • Anton Zumeli

    Anton Zumeli

    Archmage of the Obsidian Obelisk, and believed to be the most powerful mage in the world.
  • Anubis


    Tyrant of Aurora, and the central figure of his own religion.
  • Arsenio Valentine

    Arsenio Valentine

    The Emperor of the Cinderfell Empire, and ruler of free Vulcanica.
  • Arven Thrane

    Arven Thrane

    Eldest son of Eretanno Thrane, and one of the most powerful mages of the Obsidian Obelisk.
  • Audrianna Thrane

    Audrianna Thrane

    Wife of the Steward Thrane and matriarch of House Thrane, Lady Audrianna's first duty lies as a member of the Emperor's famed First Patrol.
  • Balgret of Foehammer

    Balgret of Foehammer

    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, a fearsome warrior.
  • Baphomet


    A tremendously powerful demon, with a strong penchant for deception and trickery.
  • Blockade


    Captain of the Safeport ship Runner, and an enemy to the demons of the world.
  • Bolak Maulrock

    Bolak Maulrock

    A low-level informant for the Guild's operations in Safeport, with a reputation for cowardice.
  • Cestil Arphen

    Cestil Arphen

    She is the female of the three Elders in Valiraura. She is a Fae Folk.
  • Coriss


    Fae Folk, Gwind's Friend
  • Cyrric Gren

    Cyrric Gren

    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, young but fearless.
  • Cyvanna Coryth

    Cyvanna Coryth

    A skilled warrior and monster-hunter, famous in Southfjord as a defender of the people.
  • Dagon Pyke

    Dagon Pyke

    Head of House Stoneborn and leader of Koth, a fierce warrior and pragmatic ruler.
  • Drake Thrane

    Drake Thrane

    The youngest of the Thrane children, a talented young warmaster currently being groomed for leadership in the Army of Utica.
  • Dretha Dhotas

    Dretha Dhotas

    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, a very powerful mage.
  • Dunbir Ironbeard

    Dunbir Ironbeard

    Iron Lord of Tuari, leader of the Ironforge, and one of the Emperor's closest allies.
  • Echdra


    Fae, Gwind's Friend
  • Eretanno Thrane

    Eretanno Thrane

    The Steward of Utica and patriarch of the proud House Thrane, Eretanno helps the Emperor run Utica, and rules over the city in his absence.
  • Errek Ironclad

    Errek Ironclad

    The Iron Lord's personal bodyguard and right-hand-man, an able warrior and loyal friend.
  • Feraon Dren

    Feraon Dren

    The wealthy owner of the Dren plantation outside of Safeport, and a strong proponent of the Safeport Separatist movement.
  • Harris Solomon

    Harris Solomon

    The obscenely wealthy Lord of Crossing, and son of the city's founder.
  • Iago Valentine

    Iago Valentine

    The Emperor's jealous younger brother, and Baron of Cliffport.
  • Kalla Thrane

    Kalla Thrane

    A skilled and tactful diplomat, well-poised to become the Steward of Utica when her father dies.
  • Lady Phoenix

    Lady Phoenix

    Impossibly old and impossibly wise, an ally of peace and prosperity in Vulcanica.
  • Lucan Arvanthur

    Lucan Arvanthur

    Leader of the Reach Wardens, completely devoid of pity for those who threaten Vulcanica or her people.
  • Maidine Cose

    Maidine Cose

    A shrewd merchant and cunning diplomat, and the Master of Coin in Ibygya.
  • Raeli of Clanless

    Raeli of Clanless

    A relatively successful landlord in the Warrens of Safeport, this Half-Orc's abrasive and cruel exterior hide a tragic past.
  • Rend


    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, a fearless warrior and leader of soldiers.
  • Seshik Ironfang

    Seshik Ironfang

    Baron of the frontier town Haven, and something of a rabble-rouser in Cinderfell politics.
  • Sideth Vilron

    Sideth Vilron

    One of the seven members of the previous Dawn Patrol, a capable hunter and warrior.
  • Siege


    A professor of history and military adviser to the Emperor in Utica.
  • T'zin


    Former Guardian of the Nature Stone, an isolated monk deeply protective of nature.
  • Taitas Iiaira

    Taitas Iiaira

    Leader of the Free City of Safeport, both a cunning and wise lady.
  • Tarthan Redhammer

    Tarthan Redhammer

    Marshal of the Emberguard, and the Emperor's personal bodyguard.
  • Tauntaun


    AKA Bangastrom (But only to other Horses)
  • The Iron Lord

    The Iron Lord

    Iron Lord of Tuari, leader of the Ironforge, formerly the Iron Lord Dunbir
  • Thorian Grav

    Thorian Grav

    A longtime friend of Cerlissa, a young warrior with a strong love for House and Country.
  • Thrakka


    An exile from Haven, this Dragonborn harbors much resentment towards the Sons of Arkhosia, and blames them for the death of his wife.
  • Tonia Rakess

    Tonia Rakess

    A frightened and motherless, but wildly talented mage, currently studying beneath Lady Phoenix.
  • Tylis Rytril

    Tylis Rytril

    Owner of The Buzzed Boar in Mooring, a moderately successful and wealthy dark elf of House Dren
  • Valor


    Lord Protector of New Haven, and a fiery young soul with strong loyalty to Cinderfell.
  • Vedam Dren

    Vedam Dren

    Duke of a sizable section of southern Barinfjord, Feraon's reclusive and powerful older brother.