The Dawn Patrol

Tree Leaves and Bark

The dirt feels so cold sometimes… Did you know that?… Your pages are surly made from the sweet trees of the Heartlands. You aren’t from my woods though, but I forgive you for that.

Anyways, Tree Leaves and Bark, you will be a good book for me. Just opening you up and smelling the sweet scent of the forest calms my nerves.

I got sent away today, guess I did something that made the army not want me anymore. Not really sure what it was. Gingorgon said I was being “promoted”, but this place doesn’t look like a promotion to me. When I got here, I heard someone call it “Fort Black Feather” and welcomed me as a “recruit”. Guess I’m into something else now. Miss my family back in Utica, they were good people, even after the raid. I guess saving their lives, even with the mess I made, didn’t stop them from caring for me. The General even used to check on me from time to time. He came to say good bye, before I left Utica, he brought the whole family, goodness how his girls are growing. But enough with that, I’m not going to cry in front of these people.

I heard about Fort Black Feather from time to time when I was in the army, the Emberguard and how they were closer to the Emperor, his own personal army. I didn’t care to find out much more back then. I was protecting the Emperor and Utica in the army, what more could I have asked for? Well I guess I have to get up early to start some training tomorrow.

Good Night Tree Leaves and Bark,

Got in a fight today, Tree Leaves, with a Cambian demon mage. Her fault. She threatened the old tree here on the grounds. The teachers didn’t approve much though… And would you have guessed it, the assholes decided to make us ‘partners’, “wives” I suppose is what we are supposed to call each other. I’d rather make the water freeze when she’s bathing than call her that. She goes by some stupid, high and mighty Cambian name like “Cersa” or “Lessa”… oh what was it… Oh, right, Cerlissa. Something about her did seem oddly familiar though…

Doesn’t matter, Bark, I don’t like her, she threatens nature too much with her ways. Oh, and she thinks demon magic fire is so much better than nature earth and water.


Rained on my ‘wife’ today… got in a bit of trouble for that… Stuck me in the armory. Like I am going to be any good in there.

Got some interesting talk with a Half-Orc today, went by the name of Vicorin. I liked him, he was kind of funny, though I don’t think he was trying to be at all. He got stuck in there just as me, though he seems to know his way around Iron. I think I’m going to convince him to teach me a thing or two.

Good night, Tree

Been watching Vicorin work while we’ve been stuck on armory duty, managed to convince him to teach me a little, though it was difficult, the Dirt Face was being stubborn.

I think I may have freaked out everyone today… Learned something new though and I’m rather proud. With the things Vicorin’s been teaching me I discovered something I could do with my Nature magic. Love it. Metal Magic, how cool is that Leaves?


She’s growing on me, my Wife, she’s not as bad as when we first interacted. I think I’m growing on her too. I smiled at her today and she actually looked like she smiled back. Guess things are getting better here, I’m starting to feel at home.


I was given something today, a little baby Falcon to raise and care for as my own. She’ s beautiful, Leaves. She’s so little and doesn’t have a name, but I asked the Water for what to call her and the Water answered. Her name is Shaye.

Gwind and Shaye

3 Years later
The Clarion called, and it called for seven. Cerlissa was promoted at my side, we never expected to end up in the same patrol. We’re on our way to Utica to find out what patrol right now. We are an strange group though, all of us are so different in race, I’m not sure the Emberguard has ever had such a vast team. And you’ll never guess who else is here with us, Vicorin, the Half-Orc. Still grumpy as ever, which I can’t help but smile at. There’s…

…Sorry for leaving you hanging Tree, the train was on fire… By Suli Minerva… We don’t know what happened. Ended up in Crossing, with all the people from the train, though they dispersed soon after we arrived, thankfully. I prefer just having my team with me. I got to get some rest, we plan on leaving early, I hope.


Just… wow… The Dawn Patrol, Leaves, that is who we are replacing, the entire Dawn Patrol, that’s one of the Emperor’s main patrols. I can’t believe it. Cerlissa and I are going to go out on a walk to take this all in, I’ll tell you more in a little while.
The Emperor just punched Red Hammer, we were in the garden and we hid when they came in. The Emperor accused Red Hammer of sending the old Dawn Patrol to their deaths in something called the Tagliari Pass. We don’t know what’s going on but we told the boys and they informed us that someone calling themselves “Uncle” said the train was sabotaged to kill us. My rocks are cold, Bark, something bad is going to happen, I just feel it.


Betrayal…. I don’t even know what to say….Red Hammer… He killed the Emperor’s oldest son and exiled the Emeror. With so many Emberguard letting him. Not us, not my team. We stood with the Emperor. Cerlissa convinced the stable hand to give us enough horses to flee with. We fled to Cliffport. Oh, Suli Minerva, what has happened? Everything has gone wrong. So very wrong.


We are not safe here, we have to move on. We’ve got a ship to take us to Safeport. Grakkas had an old friend named Blockade who owns this ship. Something was up with him though. He called Cerlissa to speak with him alone. When she came back she was on edge, and she wouldn’t talk with me. That’s not like her at all. Maybe she’ll speak with me tomorrow.

Good Night Tree Leaves and Bark,

Oh Suli Minerva I want to be back on land and out of this cabin. I don’t think there is any fresh air in here except for what comes out of my hair! And Shaye is going crazy!


Valiraura is so close to us now, it’s always so close and it’s always calling me… no not just it… He… He was calling, I remember that voice. The one that called my name as I fled, I fled so far but not far enough, why am I back here? What do they want from me? I’m scared, Tree Leaves, Shaye knows it and Cerlissa knows it. She was asking me questions, so many questions that I just couldn’t answer…
…I’m frightened…

WANTED! We were found. We nearly died. The Emperor saved Arya, she would have been dead if he hadn’t. Then the Ambassador wanted to talk to us and she gave us a lead to the Drin Plantation. That’s where we’re headed next…
…They are not letting us in until morning… Well.. I have missed sleeping in the dirt, and there is a love fjord right here too. Cerlissa and I went fishing in it. Guess we will see what happens when the morning comes.

Good Night my Friend,


Arikiba AmiiPanda

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