The Dawn Patrol

Mourning the Lost

Gwind had been busy training with T’zin to discover how to use her new magic. It wasn’t until she was resting that she realized what she had overlooked. She had kept the thoughts from her mind during the fight, she had too, and it was finally setting in. She left the place where the Dawn Patrol was resting to look into the city.
Her eyes were pained, and her heart ached. Her family had been in the city, they would have been lost, turned into those beasts, the Crimson Raiders. She closed her eyes; they had been so good to her when she came to them, they had taken her in and she had protected them. She wouldn’t have been with the Dawn Patrol if it was not for them. But she had no chance to protect them from Red Hammer.
She moved to her hands and knees, touching the ground and closing her eyes once more. The earth mourned with her and they both spoke silent prayers for the lost.


Arikiba AmiiPanda

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