The Dawn Patrol

Friends from the Past

Valiraura was home to the Fae and the Fae Folk, it was where Gwind was from and it still called to her, stronger the nearer she was to it. It was the same night that Gwind stood in Safeport, training her Falcon.
“She’s nearby, Coriss! I can feel her!”
The Fae jumped from one tree to the other, heading for the edge of the forest. She was a quick, long-legged Fae, bright purple hair cut unevenly with some of it spiked up and the rest falling long past her naked shoulders. Her ears were long, ending in points with horns sitting just behind them, her eyes were pure gold, with no pupil within. Two translucent wings were sprouting out of her back, natural iridescent tattoos cover her tanned skin. Her calves are covered by thick fur boots that stop around her ankles and matching wristbands, and a short skirt. She leapt from the tree top and landed beside her companion.
“Echdra, even if it is her, we will just frighten her more.”
The man she had called ‘Coriss’ stopped beside her and looked off into the forest with his white eyes. He was a tall man, with a slender build and glowing tattoos decorating his body. He ran a gloved hand through his short white hair with a sigh.
“She’s out there Muind… and she doesn’t even know who we are.” Echdra crossed her arms, her face contorting into a stubborn expression. “We should call to her. If she is close enough maybe she will hear us. Maybe she will remember.”
He smiled slightly at her determination and looked towards Safeport. He missed Gwind just as much as she did. They had known each other for years before her accident and the three of them had been close. He closed his eyes, remembering back these eight years of being apart, to the night of her accident. The magic had been so strong, too strong even for them. He had ordered a retreat, trusting Gwind’s word that she could handle it, but she had fallen. And the enemy had pushed through the Fae lines until they were beaten back. He was the first to find Gwind’s body, they had thought her dead and in her condition it was lucky they had.
Coriss opened his eyes, his lips moving almost on their own to form the name, “Gwind.”
The name carried on the wind and the trees of Valiraura out to the borders of Safeport and to the ears they were meant to reach. But just as he feared the summons frightened her and she did not come to them.
He looked at his friend and shook his head. “We will keep trying. We will keep tracking her.”
Echdra’s face was still twisted in her frustrated manner. She was an impatient Fae and had been doing her best these years to not go out of Valiraura and drag Gwind back. But she knew that would do no good to help her friend. So, she nodded to him and stared off into the night.


Arikiba AmiiPanda

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